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At some point, virtually every company will face a situation where they have no answers to challenging sales performance problems. YY specialise in helping you look at these challenges in new ways to produce a breakthrough and deliver fresh solutions that improve revenue and keep you ahead of the competition.

Richard Cherry

About Us

About YY Group

YY Group is formed of two business divisions.

YY People & YY Consulting.

Founded in 2019 by Richard Cherry and Chris Bunce.

Serving companies across Northern Ireland.

The YY Group is a business consulting firm based in Belfast. Our areas of expertise are marketing and sales, hiring services and technology. We combine these specialisms to help our clients achieve practical sales results with real impact that can be seen and measured.

At YY we address core growth levers to drive commercial transformation starting with the right people, superior marketing optimization, customer experience, performance management and sales improvement.

We work with many clients to help them to gear up to protect their existing customers and to win additional profitable business. Our inputs here vary greatly and range from practical marketing to sales training to support in the development of key staff. We also specialise in capability building in areas such as finding and keeping new customers, customer relationship management, marketing and brand promotion.

Our methods uncover actionable insights which impact positively on the bottom line, we help companies to optimise their People, Marketing and Sales operations to new ways of thinking, which improves turnover and profit.


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